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It’s a good week. In fact, it’s such a good week I was considering buying a lottery ticket, cause I was confident I’d win. Last week, on a whim, my friend Cara and I decided to sign up to ask our favorite KPop band, GOT7, a question. Live on TV. Via Hangout. Face to face (kinda). We filled in a form and sent it, expecting to never hear from them again. You can probably guess what happened next: we received a reply. We were invited to do a test interview the following morning at 7AM. Cool. We weren’t freaking out at all. All caps were not used in our text messages. We were calm, collected, cool. We only slept two hours that night.

The test interview went about as well as they can go (we had no clue what they were looking for), and the staff told us they’d be sending emails to the lucky ones who’d be on the show two hours after the interview. Two hours went by. Silence. We frantically kept refreshing our inboxes and our Twitter feeds to see if we got in and if anyone else had gotten an email yet. Death came at 10:05 as we just got on the train to go to class. “Hello, ASC’ers, I am about to make your day infinitely better”, the email read. We were selected to be on Google Hangout with GOT7. We would be on first in the show. Our reaction might have been… a bit loud and excited. We barely survived our classes that day, anticipating our sleepless night for GOT7. Oh right, I forgot to mention, rehearsals and live show would happen between 1am and 6am. A great idea.

Rehearsals were awkward, but the waiting was a blast. We ended up being a group of four Europeans who’d been selected, and we bonded instantly. We kept each other awake and hyped up. At 5AM ASC started, and Cara and I were the first fans to be called up. We were taken over by joy and adrenaline. We barely heard anything they said. We laughed a lot. We smiled a lot. We somehow got our questions out. They goofed around. My boy, Youngjae, noticed my sign. We said our goodbyes (goodbrrrahs?). And then it was over. We had no clue what just happened, but we were ecstatic. The whole hangout was a blur, a daze. But I daresay these 5 minutes rank top three of happiest moments in my life. Rewatching the episode I started noticing all the cute things the members were doing and saying during our Hangout: they were just as smiley as we were. I think that’s what’s gonna stay with me the most, their happy faces looking at our happy faces. Just Cara, me, & GOT7 sharing a moment of joy.


Check out our episode of ASC with GOT7 here:

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