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Ask anyone what they did on our class trip to Berlin, they’ll probably say they went to a great party and stayed out all night. Me, on the other hand, I did what I do best: went out for good food and then slept like a baby. Berlin is heaven for vegetarians and vegans like me and my friends, so we had to take advantage of that.


Our first night there (technically our second, but the other one never happened) we went out and had food fit for the gods. Or Satan. Maybe it would fit Satan more. Lily Burger had the wildest vegetarian and vegan menu we’d ever seen: it was grease layered upon grease, drenched in barbecue sauce. My kind of meal. I settled for a burger they called the Captain Jack Sparrow, which consisted of a seitan patty, vegan cheese, vegan bacon, grilled pineapple, a whole onion ring and some glorious barbecue sauce; we also ordered some greasy goodness for the table including onion rings, mozzarella sticks and curly fries. My burger was a monstrosity, I loved every bite of it.

The highlight of my trip to Berlin, perhaps my entire life, was our visit to Gogogi. Okay, visits. It was so good we went twice without any shame or regret. You probably know by now I love cooking Korean recipes, I however had no idea if what I was whipping up was genuine Korean flavors as I had never had genuine Korean food before. Until now, that is. Let me tell you I felt so good when I tasted Gogogi’s vegan Japchae, mainly because it tasted pretty much the same as my japchae; success! Both nights we also opted for the vegan “barbecue” which had a bunch of veggies, tofu and dumplings. Served with side dishes, of course. I fell in love.

Our last night in Berlin was one we spent with the entire class. We hit up the streetfood market at Markthalle Neun and I decided to end things with a three-course trip around the world. I started with a nice black bean and chipotle pie from a nice New Zealand booth. Tasty and filling, and probably enough for any regular person, but I had spotted something I had to have. A Japanese booth was selling okonomiyaki, a sort of cabbage pancake I grew to love on my trip to Japan last summer and had missed dearly. Moreover, they had veggie and vegan okonomiyaki! I love Berlin. The taste took me right back to Osaka. Finishing up my food market trip, I needed something for dessert, and nothing beats a giant, freshly made cannoli. Sweet Jesus, that was… an experience.

Meanwhile, I am already onto my next trip. I’m currently in Abu Dhabi for a short stop before going to Hong Kong. Me, in Hong Kong, can you believe it?

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  1. Highlight of our Berlin trip: the food!

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